Our Story

We founded The Barba in late 2013. We are two childhood friends who decided to start the New Year by growing beards. After some careful searching, we agreed the easiest way to find a beard grooming brand that we could relate to was to create one ourselves. The company should be simple, elegant and modern, we said, and it would help dispel the belief that men with beards were lazy or unrefined.

As a nod to diversity, we used “barba,” which means beard in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. We spent months researching, blending and testing organic oils. Eventually we put our products to the ultimate test: We gave it to local barbers at shops in New York City's five boroughs.

When our flagship products – Terra and Blanco –received rave reviews, we decided to officially launched The Barba on July 4th, 2014. The company’s DNA owes much to our keen eye for details and the creative flair inspired by New York City. In the coming months, The Barba product line will grow to serve the needs of its customers. We welcome your feedback – all of it – and hope that you keep growing!