Healthy Tips for Growing a Healthier and Thicker Beard

Posted: Feb 03 2016

Do you wish you had that “lumber jack” style beard you idolized while growing up? It isn’t as unachievable as you might believe. Full, thick beards are having their turn in the spotlight. Read on if you’d like to find out tips on how to grow your very own thick beard.

Nice hair reflects back on your health. If you look at a person’s hair, the healthier they are, usually the sleeker and healthier their hair is. Keep this in mind, as it applies to your facial hair as well. This goes for your diet, your lifestyle, and your nutrition.

Make sure you take your vitamins! Your nutrition can play a big part on how healthy your beard is. If you are vitamin deficient, your beard will be lacking in its fullness. Hair is made up of protein wrapped up in fat. This means you also need to watch what you eat if you want to grow great facial hair. Lots of protein and lots of fat are very important to your diet. If you want to reach your full beard potential, you’ll need some pretty decent testosterone levels. These levels are helped by saturated fats. Eggs or animals fats are great, but they need to be organic or grass fed. However, sugar or anything like sugar is not good for growing strong hair.

A lot of people will not understand how exercise correlates to facial growth, but according to people with fantastic beards, the times when they have been working themselves to exhaustion have been the best their beards have ever grown. Make sure you are getting enough sleep though, because that is when your body regenerates and grows muscle. If you aren’t sleeping well or long enough, your muscles won’t grow and neither will your facial hair.

So, now that you’ve got a few “eat better and exercise” tips out of the way, here are a few more common tips. Fight the itch and don’t shave it off before its even really got started! Your beard has to get a little wild before you can tame it. If you get rid of it or trim it too much before it is long enough, you will do damage that can take weeks to repair. Use shampoo and conditioner on your beard to keep it healthy, clean, and soft. When trimming your beard, once it’s full, use a comb and scissors and not an electric trimmer. This will allow you to only cut off the sections you want and not too much at a time.

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