The 5 Worst Advices You Will Hear About Your Beard

Posted: Jan 25 2016

Image: Paraskevas Boubourakas

Any bearded man out there has heard some type of advice about their beard. Everyone thinks they know the best way to care for a beard and will tell you so. They will give you all of the advice they have. Just remember that, while the advice may be well meaning, it is not always smart to follow through with it. Below is some of the worst advice you will receive as a beard wearing man. The takeaway from every piece of advice is this: Never listen to it.

  1. Just let the beard grow and become bushy!

Too many people say to let beards become bushy and grown out. People think it is manlier this way. Going for that island castaway look is not as cool as you might think, though. It looks unhygienic and it can get in the way of keeping your beard healthy. Make sure that that you keep the mustache and beard at a reasonable, manageable length.

  1. Do not let the beard grow!

The other side of this is not letting the beard grow. People will tell you to trim it down to some extreme lengths, or even getting rid of the mustache. This tends to ruin the appearance of the beard. Accessories will make it pop and look really cool / tribal / unique! You are not a 12 year old girl. Little accessories will not suddenly make you look cooler to everyone around you. Most people will think it looks weirder than it does cool.

  1. Dying the beard will set you apart in a good way.

While this is mostly subjective, dying your beard or mustache is not going to make you look better in the long run. You may like how it looks, but there are two problems that present themselves. The first is that most people will run away and the second is that it can damage your beard.

  1. You can use anything for cleaning and maintaining your beard.

People will tell you to just use soap and water for cleaning beards. The mindset here is that there is no real difference and that it is all skin beneath. True, it is all skin, but the beard does need specialized products, just like the head on your hair. To ensure that the beard remains healthy, and that you have no issues with the skin underneath, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate cleansing products.

  1. No styling items? You can just use what you already have.

This is one that comes from the age of reuse and recycle. Everyone wants to reuse items to save on costs and to use less in general. That is great and all, but you cannot apply it to everything. You cannot use mashed up fruits, nail products, or other random things you find for your beard. The results may not work. If you are the type to style your beard, then get the products out there for that.

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