How to Eat with a Beard Like a Pro this Holiday Season

Posted: Nov 29 2015


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Eating with a beard can be a challenge and with this Holiday season it is almost like your biggest challenge yet.  But have no fear!  With the tips in this article you will be eating with your beard like a pro. Keep in mind these tips will not prevent you from getting any food or drink in your beard, it will help to minimize the amount of food (:

One of the easiest ways to minimize the amount of beverages you will get in you facial hair is to use a straw.   Drinking from a glass without a straw will result in a lot of the beverage getting on top of your mustache, which will cause you to have to spend more time grooming and cleaning your mustache and facial hair.  Also, drinking from a thermos cup will limit the amount of beverage getting in your facial hair, specially if you love drinking coffee and tea in the morning.

Another small change you can make is to use a smaller teaspoon rather than a large tablespoon.  This will allow for you to have less food getting in your facial hair.  Also, this has some positive effects for your body since you will be taking smaller bites which will make it easier for your body to break down the food.  When using spoons make  sure you open your mouth widely.  This will keep your mustache from covering your mouth.  And once you have the spoon in your mouth turn it upside down so that it rakes against the bottom lip instead of the top.  This will once again limit the amount of food that will get into your beard and mustache.

When eating foods with some sort of substance on top (such as jelly, butter, etc.) turn the food over so that the food will not get stuck in your mustache. And another simple thing you do can (though it make look and feel a little weird) is to hold on to your beard to keep it from getting into food.
Hopefully these article have gave you helpfully tips on keeping your beard clean  and well-groom while enjoying all the delicious food of this holiday season. Now that you know to eat with a beard like a pro, go on enjoy your holiday with friends and family.

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