Holiday Gift Ideas for Bearded Men

Posted: Nov 12 2015

So here we are at Christmas season again and what can you get for a man with a beard? We will suggest some presents that you may give and they are expressly for that man with that intimidating beard. Ready? Here they are.

    1. A trimmer

      Old Spice Beard & Head Trimmer

      Purchase a trimmer that is made for beards, not for trimming your ear hairs or your sideburns like the one that comes with your electric shaver. Look around and get a real beard trimmer. Ask for advice from friends with beards.

        1. Beard Oil

        Beard oil will moisturize your beard and act as a conditioner to your face. You should do this after you have washed your face so the hair follicles and pores of your skin can absorb the oil.

          3. Beard Wash

            This is actually a way to clean your beard and the skin underneath. These products will treat you to a clean beard and can be purchased in varieties that add a fragrance should you so desire.

              4. Mustache Wax

                Mustache wax is used to style and control the mustache. It is sort of a ‘learned application’ as you will find out when using it the first few times. It usually comes in different strengths such as light, medium, strong and extra strong.


                5. Beanie / Hat 

                Beanies and hats are amazing accessories to keep the head warm during the cold winters. Why not get him a beanie to style it with his beard.


                6. Pair of Boots

                Accessories for beards and mustaches would be winter boots. There is just sort of a thing about beards and mustaches that require some ‘special shoes’ to complete the picture. Beards are like accessories to your wardrobe and should be considered as such.


                Here are some interesting facts about beards:

                • Most of the fair sex love them. Even ladies who will attest that they don’t - secretly like beards. Try one out and you will find out for yourself.
                • A beard will help you to find your inner self. There is just something rough and tough about having a beard. You may even find that you are more confident about…YOU
                • For whatever reason beards seem to just command respect. It has a more mature and commanding effect on people. You will just appear more intellectual and interesting.
                • A man with a beard seems to command more respect. It may be that he is ‘bucking the system’ or something like that but men with beards just command more attention than those without.
                • Once you have your beard it will make you feel more like the top dog you know you should be. You will actually feel more in command and you will interact with others around you with a more positive attitude. To say it will make you more masculine may be an overstatement, but not much.

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