How To Movember

Posted: Nov 03 2015

How to Movember

Movember is yearly tradition that started back in the mid-2000s, where men do not shave and they allow their mustaches and beards to grow for the whole month of November.  This tradition began to help raise money and awareness for men’s health issues such as depression and prostate cancer, and through donations millions of dollars has been raised for this cause.  Movember began in Australia, but soon spread to other countries around the world, and now for many men Movember has become a regular part of their year.

Preparing for Movember

While Movember is a fun activity for the men who participate, many are not prepared for the work that goes into growing out their beards and mustaches.  Here are some suggestions in order to be well prepared for Movember. One way is to use beard oil to main the hair growth and prevent itchiness.  These oils work to moisturize the skin under the facial hair by mimicking the natural oils the skin would produce.  Another suggestion is to eat a well-balanced diet with lots of hair healthy vitamins.  A few examples are vitamin A (found in eggs, meat, cheese, and carrots), vitamin E (found in oils, nuts, and beans), and vitamin B3 (found in chicken, fish, and beef). Folic acid (found in whole grain breads, nuts, and leafy green vegetables) will also improve hair growth by making the facial hair thicker.  One of the biggest ways to prepare is to not shave your facial hair, so that the hair can grow continuously.  If you are concerned about looking to scraggly when first growing out the facial hair, you can always trim the hairs to keep them an even length while growing them out.  As your facial hair begins to grow longer, you may notice that it is becoming more of a hassle to deal with.  One way to handle this problem is to use mustache wax to keep the facial hairs where you want them.  This will help to keep your mouth clear so food will not get caught in the facial hair and this wax will also aid in styling your facial hair into a more fashionable appearance.

So now that you know how to be completely prepared for Movember give those razors a rest and let your hair grow free.  Enjoy growing your mustaches and beards for the month, but remember these tips in order to get the most out of the experience.  And remember to keep in mind why this tradition was formed in the first place. 

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