The key for growing a successful beard this fall.

Posted: Sep 14 2015

The fall is around the corner. For most men, the "beard season"  begins on this month. If you are planning to grow a beard for the first time, or have tried growing a beard but wasn’t very successful, growing a beard can be a very difficult task to accomplish. The main issue with growing a beard is that most beards never make it past 3 weeks. However, if you follow these footsteps, it will make the process more pleasant and you can grow a successful beard.

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    1. Self-conscious

    If you never grew a beard before it can bring self-conscious issues, because we are dealing with our face. You and people around such as family members, friends, and coworkers are not used to see you with a beard you are going to get many negative comments. That is when social pressure becomes an issue. You will start feeling unsure about yourself and probably shave. The best way to avoid this stage is by making sure you are in control of your beard. By keeping your neck line clean and edges around the beard sharp, it will appear as you are in control of your beard.


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    1. The Four week stage

    If you can get over the 4 week stage, it will become an easier process to grow a successful beard. As you let your beard grow, you might encounter some obstacles. Your facial hair will grow stiff due to the fact that your facial hair won't grow at the same pace. This might make your face itchy and irritated. The first thought that might come to your mind is “shave” to avoid the uncomfortable feeling. Here is short list to avoid this issue:

      Clean face: Make sure wash your face regularly to get rid of oil, stray hairs, and dead skin cells. You beard will thank you for keeping your face clean. There are many beard wash products available today.
          Condition: Conditioning your facial hair with a good beard conditioner and keeping it moisturize with beard oil can reduce the irritation and make the process more pleasant.
              Comb: Please comb your beard regularly. It will avoid ingrown hair and your facial hair will grow in a single direction. This will prevent you from scratching your beard and give it a smooth texture and nice shape.
                  Hair repair: Remove ingrown hair to prevent itchiness and irritation in your skin. A good pair of tweezers will do the work!


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                    1. Patience

                    You must have a lot patience to be able to grow a beard. It actually takes 3-4 months to grow a full-beard. Once you get through the awkward phase, it gets much easier. Enjoy the process as you go alone your beard growth. Your generic and hair style will determine a lot on your beard grow. Do not get discourage if you don’t see quick results. What’s beautiful about beard is that every beard comes in different shape and size.

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                    1. Beard Maintenance

                    So, you made it through the 3-4 month phase and decided what kind of look you want for your beard. You must maintain it regularly to ensure it grows healthy and looks great. Some of the steps I mentioned above such as conditioning your beard and moisturizing it with a good beard oil are essential to keep your beard well groomed. Another thing key to the success of your beard is “trimming” you want to make sure your beard is the right length for your face and that your neck lines and edges around the beard are always clean.




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