6 reasons why you should date a guy with beard

Posted: Jul 27 2015


Image: Clayton Pyle

It’s no secret that guys with beard IS the new hot! Ladies no longer desire the babe-face clean cut faces of the past, the rugged and hairy lumberjack look is what gets us going these days, and why not? A guy with a beard has got everything over a guy who doesn’t. And I mean everything! (Wink Wink!). A man with a beard is the perfect choice for you to date, and if you are still unsure, here are 6 completely genuine reasons to date a guy with beard:

1. He has got tons of patience
Now I admit this one is quite common, but the fact of the matter is that it’s true. It takes patience to grow a full fledge beard and a certain degree of care to maintain the sexy look we all crave. So rest assure your bearded man will not only be extremely patient in almost all maters but would also be caring and loving!

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2. He is confident
Rocking a beard is not everyone’s cup of tea. A man with a beard has faced some serious talks and stares for his looks over the days and has always faced them with his head held high. Thus you can be sure that this guy is not afraid to stand up for you in any scenario and is ready for any challenge!

Image of Tom Hardy

3. It’s plain handsome
This one’s a no brainer. A guy with beard just looks classier, more stylish, and more elegant than the other clean-cut bunch. A beard is the closest thing to make-up for a man and thus it helps hide all the unwanted face marks that he might have, resulting in a handsome manly look that is just perfect for any occasion!

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4. It’s healthier
Studies show that a man with a beard is most likely to be in a pretty healthy form. Not only does a beard prevents them from the harmful UV rays but it also helps to drastically slow down the aging process. Inside all the ruggedness, the baby-face will be safe! A beard also symbolozis a healthy male specimen for all your child bearing needs so for ladies looking for starting a family, you know what to do!

Image: Ben Affleck

5. A strong presence
 A man with a beard emits a certain vibe that simply puts everyone else in the room in shades. A beard signifies superiority in the male community and gives your man a more muscular and prominent personality. Nobody is going to bother you when you are in the arms of a muscular alpha male.

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6. It’s pure fun!
Finally a guy with beard is just pure fun to be with. Everything is just loads better! The kissing is much fun especially when the beard tickles your chins. Even the simple act of brushing the beard is so entertaining and satisfying that you are going to be doing it every day. And you will love every second of it!

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