A Guide to Beard Oil

Posted: Jul 16 2015

Obviously, men have had beards for as long as we have been on Earth. Beards have come into and gone out of fashion regularly. They were popular at the turn of the century, and then it was seen as respectable for men to keep their faces clean shaven. In very recent years, the beard has had a resurgence, especially among men living around cities such as London, Los Angeles, and New York. The faux-old-fashioned look is very “in” right now. So, products that can keep a beard in good condition are also seeing a resurgence. One of this product is beard oil.


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What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a product that you should seriously consider if you or a loved one has a beard. It is used to keep the hair soft and strong, as well as keeping the skin underneath soft and smooth. By keeping the beard hair soft and tame, the oil also helps to style the facial hair. Beard oil also prevents flaking. It has been used at the latest since the time when Native American tribes ruled the United States. The men would apply it to their beards using natural oils to keep them soft in the rough climates they were living in. Beard oil started to be sold in pharmacies in the 1930s and have been bought by millions of men ever since.

Beard oil can be made from simply almond or grapeseed oil. The Barba NYC Logic beard oil has a base of argan oil, castor oil, and safflower. Argan oil is celebrated as a top ingredient for keeping any hair soft. Logic has a combination of simple of lavender and lemon essential oils in it. Lemon and lavender are very pleasant smells. Lemon has long been a popular male scent.


When and How to Use it

The beard and the skin underneath can get dried out by soap and shampoo, so the optimum time to use it is after a shower, a bath or washing the face. The hair follicles and pores are then opened. To use it, you simply rub a few drops into your hands and massage it over your beard and skin underneath (and mustache, if you have one) as you would with aftershave. So now you know all about beard oil, why not try it yourself, or, get a little bottle for a friend, family member or your partner?

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