The Best Summer Hairstyles that will Look Great with Your Beard

Posted: Jun 03 2015

You can probably find hundreds of articles about summer hairstyles that look good on men with clean shaven faces, but you can rarely find a good article with pictures which shows you summer hairstyles that will look good with your beard. We want to fix that by giving you a good guide with plenty of pictures that should give you inspiration for a great summer look.


The Undercut

This is one hairstyle that can go really well with your beard – if done right. Use a #2 clipper to shave the sides of your head and beard evenly to create a seamless look that connects them. You can alternatively do the undercut with an uneven beard length, but be warned, this style doesn’t always look good and you may end up having to shave your beard to undo the style.



Taper Beard and Hair

Work the back and sides of your head into a taper cut that connects with your sideburns and beard. It’s a hard look to pull off properly and it may take some time to get exactly right but it’s a rarer hairstyle/beard combo and it’s ideal if you want a unique look that will help you stand out from the crowd.




Messy Hairstyle with Shaggy Beard

Don’t particularly care about how your hair and beard looks? Or are you just a fan of the bohemian look? This style is for you. Simply grow out your beard in a careless manner while keeping your hair messy too. Keywords here are messy and careless not DIRTY. The look works on many faces but it’s probably not something you want to try if you’re employed in an office with a strict smart dress code.




Long Curls with Short Beard

A short neat beard goes well with long to medium curly hair. This only really works if you have naturally curly hair. Let your hair grow out and keep your beard short and neat to accent the careless look of your hair.


Fade Cut with Klingon Look

The Klingon is an interesting beard style – it’s really faded and it more or less extends with sideburns all the way to the sides of the head. The Klingon works really well with short faded cuts and it’s a good look for hot summer weather.



Light Stubble and Buzz Cut

Light stubble left just long enough to give it that careless but sexy appearance with a buzz cut is a style that can look good on a lot of faces. It looks attractive and it has the added advantage of keeping your face cool.



Short Boxed Beard with Side Part Hairstyle

A favorite of George Clooney. In order for this style to work you must be able to side part your hair and then all you have to do is trim your beard into a box-like shape. It’s a fairly simple style but we can’t guarantee it’ll make you look like George Clooney, so try it with caution.


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