How to Use Shave Oil

Posted: May 06 2015

 High quality shave oils can do away with both your shaving foam and aftershave lotion!

What is Shave Oil?

Shaving oil is a specially formulated pre-shaving lotion, which is to be applied in place of a traditional shaving cream. Offering all of the benefits of allowing a rich and soft lather before a shave, while also imparting moisturizing properties after a shave, shave oil does away with all modern day shaving accessories. True, a rugged man only requires a blade and shaving oil – shaving has never been about being hip but it is rather about staying manly.

Is Shave Oil better than Shaving Cream?

This question is asked around a lot and the answer to it is yes, more often than not. Shave oils offered by the best brands not only create as much foam and lather as traditional shaving cream, but they can also greatly help in allowing the skin to feel less irritated due to a razor blade. Shave oils also serve as excellent skin moisturizers, properties of which allow users to forgo aftershave lotions.

Well Groomed Beard

for bearded man who likes to keep a clean and well groomed beard, shaving oil can be a very good lotion to help clean the edges  and the neck line of the beard.

Benefits of Using Shave Oil

Shaving oils can offer users a significant number of benefits, which include:
- Shave oils replace both shaving foams and aftershave lotions, while allowing for the same amount of lather and moisturizing.
- Shave oils consume much lesser space, proving to be excellent in travel.
- Properties of shave oils allow for less burning and cutting of the skin surface when shaving.
- Shave oils are created from all-natural products and contain no alcohol, making it excellent for long term use on the skin.
- Use of shave oils in place of shaving foams and aftershave lotions proves to be significantly more economical.
- Shave oils contain essential natural ingredients, which both enrich as well as disinfect the skin after a shave.

Steps on How to Use Shave Oil

Here are some steps on how to effectively use shave oils:

Step No. 1: Before you apply the oil, make sure to wash your face thoroughly to remove dead skin and dirt.

Step No. 2: Wet the face with warm water, allowing moisture to soak into all areas of the beard.

Step No 3: Apply 3-4 drops of shave oil on the palms and rub them all over the beard thoroughly, ensuring that all areas to be touched by a blade are well covered.

Step No 4: Using hot water, work the shave oil into some lather. Make use of your fingers or a soft brush to work up some sort of foam.

Step No 5: Start shaving in the direction of the hair first. Once completely done, redo steps 3 and 4 and shave against the hair direction.

Step No 6: Wash off the face with cold water and rub 5-6 more drops of oil as aftershave.

While it must be agreed upon that using shave oils may be slightly more time consuming than the modern methods of shaving, it must be remembered that shave oils are excellent for the skin and they offer many more beneficial properties than modern cosmetic products.

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