How to style a Mustache

Posted: Apr 27 2015

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If you have a mustache or are thinking about growing one. You might want to change the unclean looking style into something more appropriate. Going entirely clean-shaven is not an option, so you might think of styling your mustache that would give a handsome look to your face. Growing and experimenting with mustache is something that everyman goes through in his life-time. It is a rite of track whether it’s only once or several times. There are endless forms of beards and mustaches that you can choose from. The way you grow yours can speak volumes about you and your personality. It is important to understand that not everyone can pull off different mustache styles because everybody grows facial hair differently; therefore, you have to make sure that you choose the correct style for your mustache.

Blanco Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is a great way to style and maintain your mustache. It’s a stiff pomade applied to a mustache to hold the hairs in place, especially at the extremities. It is fun to use mustache wax and it opens a variety of wonderful mustache styles possibilities. Moreover, it can be used to keep the whiskers out of your mouth too. Mustache is considered to be an exclamation mark on your face and people do notice. If you are attached to your mustache and you want to continue rocking it all the way through, here are some popular ways to style your mustache.


 Brad Pitt


The Pencil
It is a well-reserved mustache style and many celebrities have tried it out. There is a fine line between courteous and creepy, so you need to be careful with these types of styles of mustache.To keep it integral you might need to grow a full goatee to stick to the classic look.

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The Magnum
This style of mustache means all in all business. Not every man can pull this certain type of mustache because it is reflected as a commitment and lifestyle. If you want to give your mustache a classic look, you need to have good mustache genes. If you are blessed by the mustache Gods, you will be able to pull this mustache style off robustly.


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The Handle Bar
This mustache style is very popular for men with long beards .If you want to give your mustache this authenticate look. you must grow your long enough to curl the ends, which is easily achieve with mustache wax. Any man can achieve this mustache style by simple grooming and maintenance

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The Trucker
If you want to wear your mustache like a rugged cowboy, go for Hulk Hogan’s horseshoe, although it would be screaming over the top, but if you tame and trim this mustache you will have a classic cowboy look. This mustache style is the best choice for the men who are ambitious and want to try different styles.









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