Tips On How To Trim Your Beard

Posted: Mar 08 2015

                                                                Dane Casey, barber at The Calico Beard & Mercantile

Over the years the concept of keeping a beard has changed, at one point keeping a beard meant just not shaving at all, however as time changed, the concept also changed for the better, it was not just limited to only not shaving but also the care that is taken to ensure that the beard looks presentable and enhances the look of the person. Today there are different products available in the market which can help maintain beards as well as also nourish the skin. In this article you will get an in-depth step by step detail on the kind of product you can use and the purpose of it as well as a few tips on how to trim beard


Growing your beard

When you are growing your beard, you need to ensure that you shave only the part that is really not needed depending on what you are trying opt for. There are different kinds of electric trimmers in the market that can help you the trim the unwanted hair. You can also use a razor or a blade also however there can also be a chance where you may trim off the part that is needed. This is why it is essential to be careful when you are shaving.



Now that you have decided what kind of a look you want to go for the next step is to go ahead and decide the course of trimming and the required materials to maintain your beard. To do that you first need to make sure you outline the amount of hair you would want to take off. First you need to start by ensuring you beard trim is perfect. This can be used with the help of a pair of scissors and a comb. You can also use an electric trimmer for a proper finish. Washing your face is also equally important. Use the right kind of products and essentials that can contribute in making your beard look nice. Mentioned below are the procedures that can be used for different parts of your face.

The Neck - If you are shaving the hair on this part of your face, use a hair trimmer you have to ensure that you shave starting from the center of your chin or neck and outwards towards your ears. It is always good to use the help of your jaw line. Once done you can use an after shave or a gel.

The Cheeks- Here also the use of a hair trimmer will be very helpful. After applying the lotion or shaving gel you need to work from up to down on your cheeks. Be careful if you are trying to get a particular style on this part of the face. Finish with the help of a gel or an after shave lotion.                         


Some additional tips on beard care

When using a trimmer or a razor, make sure you have enough of light. The use of  beard oil, after shave lotions, beard conditioners can add to your look and make the beard soft and manageable.


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