How to Exactly Grow a Beard?

Posted: Jan 28 2015

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It’s been proven that women prefer their men with some facial hair. If you’re hoping to woo one of the women who like beards and mustaches, you’ve come to the right place. Going from clean shaven to a full beard isn’t always as easy as just not shaving. So let’s go over some of the basics.  

1. Let It Grow
The very first step is to let the hair grow and maintain clean lines as it grows in. It will take some time, at least a month, to grow out a beard. You do not have to do much other than use a trimmer to keep the hair an even length.

2. Keep It Clean
While you grow your beard, do not forget to wash it. You can use some of the same products you use to maintain the hair on top of your head. Use a gentle shampoo to clean it regularly – this will help keep it looking healthy. While washing your beard, do not rub it hard. Rather, you want to massage it gently so that the hair does not break.

3. Keep It Moisturized
Then you need some sort of moisturizer or conditioner to soften the beard. You would not want your significant other to get a scratchy, uncomfortable experience when they lean in for a kiss. Since the beard is on your face, you want something that’s safe to use on your skin as well. For that reason, it’s important to avoid any products that contain alcohol. They can dry out your beard and the skin beneath it.

4. Style It
Now you have fully grown beard, you’ll want to give it some style. You can use a comb or a hairbrush to add volume or shape your beard. Wooden combs work better than plastic combs and brushes, which have seams that can snag on the hair. Keep in mind your face shape and make sure your beard suits it. For example, if you have a round face then a square beard would be perfect for you and it will also make your beard aligned with your face.










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How To Keep Growing
You must use healthy ingredients to take care of your beard at all stages of its growth. Using natural oils keeps your beard looking lively, healthy and strong. Mustard oil is a very good  conditioner as it softens the beard as well as strengthens its roots. Products with a mixture of coconut and jojoba oil can help give the beard a lot of shine and imparts a subtle, pleasing fragrance. If you’re growing your beard out, send us pictures of how The Barba beard oils have helped you in your transformation!


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