The Barba NYC Winter Photo Shoot

Posted: Nov 24 2014


In the months since we launched the Saint beard oil and our mustache waxes, we have been planning to always improve our brand and the way customers experience our products. Many of you probably know that Instagram has been our main source of marketing and we strive to create content for our followers to enjoy. We want you to feel inspired and comfortable in making our beard oils and mustache waxes part of your regimen. 

Since The Barba has grown so much since in just four months, we decided to capture the essence of what our brand has become in a photoshoot. We teamed up with photographer Bernard Osei (@thebernhardy) and stylists Bernadette Pichardo and Cindy Mancebo. In addition to that, we have you might have noticed that our online store has a new look and feel to it because we want our website to really feel like a storefront. Shopping with us should make you feel awesome and appreciated!

So it is our pleasure to introduce you to our models: Giuseppe Cetrulo (@chefcrepacuore), Manny Molina (@misterrmolina), and Irving Beltre (@irving26).

The shoot took all day and the guys had a lot of fun, despite the fact that it was an especially cold November day in NYC. Two days later, Bernard sent us a few pictures and loved them immediately.

Can you tell we’re excited to share them with each one of you? We are!

We’re are also excited that as the days goes by, more and more men with facial hair use our products to look their best. If it’s not already obvious: We care very deeply about our beard care products, our customers, and our grooming brand. And we’re both so grateful for the overwhelming support and love we feel from this amazing community.

Have some feedback about the new website? Let us know! We’re always striving to improve our customer’s experiences with our online store.

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  • Posted by Ussy on March 22, 2015

    I truly hate shaving since my face uslluay turns red for a day ( especially when using an electric device).BUT:Last time I bought new razors was somewhere in 2006.How I’ve survived?Simply: scrub the beard before killing it. It makes life a lot easier.A (heavy) beard is nothing but an ongoing session that needs to be killed every now and then.It’s worse than DBMS_JOB being able to revitalize itself until a max of 16 tries.Is it a ‘bug’ or a ‘feature’? :-)

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